XVI Nanotech Congress 2024 and Annual Meeting of the Condensed Matter and Nanotechnology Division


The VENUE will be the gorgeous Juan José Arreola Public Library of the University of Guadalajara, in the city of Guadalajara.

Periférico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín no. 1695, Colonia Belenes C.P. 45100, Zapopan, Jalisco, México.
Telephone:+52 33 3836 4530


IMPORTANT: Download the rules of use of the library here

Juan José Arreola Public Library. For more information press on the image

Ways to reach the Juan José Arreola Public Library by public transportation

The following buses take you to the public library. Bus or subway fare is 10 pesos (0.7 dls)

  • AutobúsBy bus :

  • TrenBy Subway:

  • By Uber, Taxy or Didi

Uber, taxy or didi fare is about  250 pesos (15 dls) from downtown Gudalajara