Visit of President of Mexican Physical Society – JINR

President of the Mexican Physical Society Dr Ana Maria Cetto took part in the 131st session of the JINR Scientific Council as a special guest. On the sidelines of the event, Ana Maria Cetto learned about the Institute’s scientific infrastructure visiting VBLHEP, FLNR, FLNP, and LRB. At the meeting in the Institute’s Directorate on 25 February, the parties discussed possible priority fields of scientific cooperation between Mexico and the Joint Institute, a possibility of participation of Mexican scientists in the fulfilment of the Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR.

Dr Cetto noted that she was impressed by the multidisciplinary character of research conducted at JINR. She also highly appreciated the draft of the new Plan for the Institute’s Development for 2024-2030 presented at the SC session. “The Long-Term Plan for the Institute’s Development is very ambitious. High energy physics and computing are promising fields for the cooperation enhancement. Research fields of FLNP and LRB are of special interest for Mexican scientists,” Ana Maria Cetto noted in her comment. JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov highlighted that the Institute would be glad to see Mexico a part of the next seven-year period. “Such cooperation will be a win-win situation: this will ensure grounds for knowledge and technology exchange,” he said. The parties discussed wide opportunities for cooperation in the fields of life sciences and applied research, theoretical physics. It was noted that in 2019 Mexico and JINR signed the Memorandum within which Mexican scientists joined the implementation of the NICA project.

Ana Maria Cetto noted that contacts of the Joint Institute with Latin American countries may be useful for extending the scientific ties of Mexico with other countries of the region. According to Grigory Trubnikov, the Institute had an example of such interaction when in 2014, JINR hosted a meeting of Ambassadors of 11 Latin American countries. Participants of the meeting noted that the development of Mexico’s scientific contacts with other JINR Member States and partners may also be of interest. In particular, there is an opportunity to develop contacts of Mexico with Bulgaria, which was represented by JINR Vice-Director Latchesar Kostov at the meeting.

The parties agreed to hold a workshop in the near future to discuss and specify the fields and plans for joint work. They also agreed to appoint cooperation coordinates from the Mexican side. There was also an idea to invite representatives of Mexican scientific and educational institutions to participate in the JEMS training programme in May 2022.

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