ICTP-SAIFR School on Applications of Nonlinear Systems to Socio-Economic Complexity (October 17-22, 2022)


Complexity science is a new research field which focuses on complex systems with numerous components nteracting with each other and their environment in many different ways. Intrinsically interdisciplinary, complex systems occur in all of nature and complexity concepts are applied in various scientific areas including the social and economic sciences.

Complex socio-economic phenomena, such as financial crises, epidemics, crime propagation and opinion formation can be studied through complexity concepts and appropriate mathematical and computational modelling. Developing such formalisms and validation protocols are some of the new challenges of this new research field.

The school aims to provide an interdisciplinary training to PhD students interested in complex systems and is applications to social research. Lectures will cover theoretical and computational aspects of complex systems and present the current research trends in the field.

There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses.

Application deadline: August 8, 2022

Information: https://www.ictp-saifr.org/school-on-applications-of-nonlinear-systems-to-socio-economic-complexity/

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