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The Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnology Division (MCNANO) is part of the Thematic Division of the Mexican Physical Society (SMF)

The MCNANO is a scientific society whose main objective is to foster research, and diseminate the study of condensed matter physics and nanotechnology in Mexico. To this end, a seires of events such as school, workshops, meetings, and seminars are organized througout the year. People of the MCNANO is a complex and plural community made up of researchers, professors, and students with backgrounds not only related to physics and nanotechnology but also to chemistry, mechatronics, artifial intelligence, optics, biology, material science and material engineering, just to mention a few.

The fields of research of condensed matter physics and nanotechnology are diverse. To a certain extent, nanotechnology can be seen as a branch of condensed matter since it studies nanometric systems of condensed matter. Condesed matter physics deals with the study of polymers, coloids, agars, gels, foams, liquid crystals, biomaterials, ceramics, glasses, semiconductos, metals and alloys, composites, topological systems, exotic systems, superfluids, superconductors, Bose-Einstein condensates, just to mention some of the most important.

The MCNANO embrace its members and non-members with open arms and welcomes everyone to this portal where you can stay in contact with the community and the acticities that we organized.

Information about the MCNANO

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

Av. del Charro 450, Col. Romero Partido.

C. P. 32310, Cd. Juárez Chih.